A Flower in Winter


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All of our existing Christmas songs brought together in one volume, with quite a few new ones too. A mixture of both traditional and new Christmas songs, A gentle new carol in unison ‘A Flower in Winter’, a humourous look at the different generations in ‘Gran dot com’ and ‘Cool School Concert’ is guaranteed to create a Christmas concert to remember!

The songs are: 1. A Flower in Winter 2. Gran.com 3. Freezing Fingers 4. Infant Holy 5. New Born Baby 6. Cool School Concert 7. Lullaby 8. Snowflakes 9. Gabriel 10. Three Wise Men 11. Away in a Manger 12. The Bells of Bethlehem 13. Christmas Time 14. Little Child 15. Round the Christmas Tree 16. Poor Mary 17. Sing, Sing for Christ is Born 18. Winter Sport 19. One More to Count

Composer: Alan Simmons & Alan Woods