Aspiration Generation


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“Aspiration Generation” was commissioned by Leicester City and County Arts in Education. The Olympic Games are the inspiration behind it but, unlike “Olympics!” which is all about the games, this is about young people aspiring to become a success in not only sport, but any area of expertise. This is all about hard work and achievement. There are moments when we feel that all the hard work is in vain, when we have to go through the pain barrier. All of that is included too, but this piece is about overcoming that and striving to succeed. “Aspiration Generation” can be performed with backing tracks (provided on the CD) or piano.

Songs are:
High Aspirations!
An uplifting song in two parts about aiming high to achieve your goals.

Practice, Practice, Practice
A fantastic rhythmic song (with plenty of clapping) that promotes the benefits of hard work.

It’s a Grind!
Is all this hard work worth it? It doesn’t always feel like it. But this song makes sense of all these feelings.

Some People Dream
A slower, more reflective song, about taking the time to dream about the future.

Now the Time Has Come
A wonderful rhythmic song about choosing goals, giving our all and going forwards.

I Want To Be Like Them
We have all been inspired by the athletes of London 2012 – this song is all about being inspired by people who have led the way.

People Say
A beautiful, reflective song tackling the weight of expectation and doubts that can be felt when you are aiming high.

Work as a Team
An upbeat two part song about being a cog in the wheel.

Work at It
A real rocking tune that the children will love, with words about getting stuck in and getting on with it and never giving up.

Composer: Alan Simmons