King With Cold Feet – Original Edition


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A great musical for primary school – Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 children

This is practically everything you need to create a musical production for primary children. There is a full script, piano score, Photocopiable lyrics, a CD with performance and backing tracks and full performing rights. It has been performed in primary schools and music services throughout the UK. 

Perfect for giving children a little more responsibility, this version contains everything you need for a primary production (minus the stage design, but there are suggestions for this too).

The story

Our King is thoroughly modern, and hopelessly old-fashioned (One Rainy Monday). His kingdom is a happy place, but there is a problem; his feet are cold! (a huge pair of feet appear above the stage. All ten toes are blue.) It becomes unbearable. Is there no way to warm them?

The king commissions his subjects (all played by children) to go out far and wide to find a cure. The people are delighted. At least now they know what the problem is, and are delighted to help (Cool King & Searching for Hot Stuff). The children prepare to leave on their quest to find a cure.

The King and Courtiers are left behind to wait. It’s very quiet with so many people away (Nothing To Do). Everyone starts to worry about the children. Will they return safely? (The Road To Home).

At last, they return with their cures. The first group brings coal! (Black Diamond) Does it work? All the group look up to the feet above stage. Two toes turn red, but all the rest stay blue. After a general sigh, the group moves to their appointed place on stage and wait.

The next group bring knitted woolly socks! (Something Wonderful For You) The King is impressed. Will they do the trick? Two more toes turn red, but that still leaves six vibrantly blue! What the king really needs, declare the third group, is Central Heating! They erect a complete system for the king, but only two more toes turn red! Another general sigh!

The last group found dancing! This is sure to do the trick. They demonstrate to the king (Together) and he likes it, but he knows that the only way it will cure him is to join in and learn to dance himself. (If You Feel Like Dancing). Two more toes turn red, but still the final two remain blue!

He knows that each cure has helped a little, but nothing ever works in isolation, so why don’t we try them all together? (Together Again). Everyone looks at the feet in anticipation. Nothing! Not even a flicker of red in the last two toes. Dejection! Despondency! That must be the end, we’ve failed! But wait a minute. He had suggested that everybody should sing together, but that wasn’t everybody! (He, and then all company, look at the audience). There’s a whole lot of people out there who haven’t joined in yet! It can’t possibly work unless they do! (One More Song). The final 2 toes turn red. A triumph for mutual help and co-operation!


  • The King – baritone
  • Narrator – spoken in rhyme.
  • 3 or 4 courtiers – all singers (NB – Narrator part could be divided between courtiers)
  • 4 groups of children (as many children as you like can take these parts)

Set suggestion:

  • 1 throne
  • 1 large pair of feet, preferably flown above stage. All toes lit blue at beginning, turning red in pairs as show progresses.

Composer: Alan Simmons