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“Give Us A Call” starts the book with the theme of friendship and mutual support. “Learn to Swim” and “Patterns” were commissioned by Sing Up and “Night Riders” follows the same musical pattern as our best selling “Butterfly”. “By the Seaside”, “Rural Rock”, “My Tractor” and “Strawberries and Cream” take a tongue-in-cheek look at rural life, whilst “Jet” is a super-charged high octane song! “Like the Tears of a Child” is a gentle 2-part ballad inspired by the writings of school children and their concerns about the environment prompted “Don’t Take It for Granted”. Finally, “Give It Everything I’ve Got” is an anthem to the success that comes from sheer determination! It’s a new collection of songs with our usual easy-to-learn parts that transform any school singing group into something special.

Songs are:

1. Give us a call
2. Learn to swim
3. Patterns
4. Night Riders
5. By the Seaside
6. Rural Rock
7. My tractor
8. Strawberries and Cream
9. Jet
10. Like the Tears of a Child
11. Don’t Take It for Granted
12. Give It Everything I’ve Got

Includes: CD, Photocopiable vocal lines & lyrics