Five Funny Songs


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If you want a book full of songs that will make you (and your children) laugh out loud, then this is it. We guarantee they will love them. From the ‘Private Eye’ who decides to become a private nose, to ‘Feeling Peckish’ with plea’s from all foods not to be eaten, the lyrics will get your children smiling and singing. In fact, everyone will love them, including audiences – so put them in a show if you can!

Here’s a little taster:
“My granny is a sprinter, She races for the bus, She always gets on board, Before the rest of us.” “You ought to run a marathon,” A cheeky driver told her. She smiled and said “Perhaps I will, When I get a little older.”

The Songs are:

The Sleuth

My Granny is a Sprinter


Power Cut

Feeling Peckish