Alan Simmons Music

Song Library is our Music Download Service for that we are building for Schools. It will be up and working shortly.

It allows your school or music service to buy a piece of music to use within your own setting and use it within that setting. We do not charge additional performance rights within that setting. However if you choose to record the music, we ask that you let us know.

Please respect copyright

We give permission to print this music within your school, but we ask that you do not share it with any other school or service. We have priced the music in the Song Library reasonably so that it is accessible to all. However we can only afford to provide and build on this service if each school buy their own copies of the music.

What do you get in the Song Library?

Each Song comes with a vocal score, lyric sheets, backing track and performance track. Where possible we have also included vocal lines and powerpoint files to help with your teaching. We will add more of these files as this service grows.