Blow, blow, Thou Winter Wind – SSAA


From William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII [Blow, blow, thou winter wind]

Shakespeare for Upper Voices (SSAA) choir – this well known poem from As You Like it by William Shakespeare is set dramatically to music for SSAA choir.The title itself of Shakespeare’s poem Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind has an important meaning. It reflects human nature. It opens up many questions. Originally written to be part of a play, the poem clearly represents human response to unfaithfulness. Shakespeare’s use of personification and fluctuating mood has better enabled him to emphasize his theme of betrayal. It is obvious that this poem is not simply about the cold winter wind, but rather the cold, truth of human nature.

Alan Simmons setting of Shakespeare for upper voices

This powerful SSAA setting musically represents the fluctuating mood of the poem. From a quiet start, the piece builds to a dramatic conclusion.

To discover more about this piece of music, simply listen to the arrangement on the sound file, or email an inspection copy to yourself on the link below.