Bridge Over Troubled Water SATB


A Paul Simon great, he wrote the song in the summer of 1969 while Garfunkel was in Mexico filming Catch-22. The song originally had two verses and different lyrics. Simon specifically wrote it for Garfunkel and knew it would be a piano song.

Bridge Over Troubled Water SATB arrangement

The chorus lyrics were partly inspired by Claude Jeter’s line “I’ll be your bridge over deep water if you trust in me. This Bridge over Troubled Water SATB arrangement shares the melody amongst the parts. There are some wonderful chords (as you have come to expect from Alan) and the piece grows and builds to a rousing end.

  • This is Difficulty Level 3 – which means it contain challenging parts, but is achievable by most choirs with readers and non-readers
  • The accompanist will enjoy their part – challenging, but achievable (or so Alan tells us!)

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