Cricket (Short Leg, Long Leg, Silly Mid-Off) – SATB


Cricket song for Mixed voice (SATB) choirs

A Cricket song for mixed voice choir (SATB), this is an amusing piece that attempts to explain the finer (and some of the simpler) points of cricket. Despite the subject, it is a fun song for all choir members, as it takes a very tongue in cheek approach to explaining the tradition of wearing white and standing in the field every Saturday.U sing terminology from the game, it is guaranteed to confuse even the most ardent supporter.Listen to the sound file and you will hear that the musical arrangement is written in a fairly simple swing style that should be easy for the choir to grasp.However it is the words (and the interplay between the parts) that will need a little more concentration, timing and plenty of practice. Once mastered they will definitely entertain your audience.A fun piece that is suited to everyone (but especially cricket fans). Perfect for a summer concert.

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