Nelson Mandela – Across the Skies (SAB)


A fitting tribute to one of the world’s great men – Nelson Mandela.

A beautiful and fitting tribute to Nelson Mandela. A South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist (and eventually President of South Africa). Nelson Mandela was a man who really did make the world a better place.

The arrangement:

This is an original piece by Alan Simmons that should be celebrated and sung throughout the world. It celebrates Nelson Mandela’s life, his energy, his incredible strength and his resilience. This is definitely one of our very favourite pieces in the catalogue. A beautiful arrangement that sounds absolutely wonderful in all voice settings. This arrangement for SAB choirs has some delicious close harmonies throughout. It also has an interesting rhythm which makes this a truly wonderful piece to sing.

  • When learning it can appear slightly slightly challenging in parts – particularly around the key changes. But stick with it and you will not be disappointed.
  • SAB is the perfect arrangement for choirs that are struggling for tenors and community choirs. The men’s line is achievable by non readers with time and patience.

Try it and see – it’s a fitting tribute that your SAB choir (and their audience) will enjoy.

The sound file is in Female voice – but it gives a good idea of the arrangement and the tune.

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