Sing for Your Life – SSA(A)


Challenging the work life balance in song

What a great piece of music for choirs – incredible fun! This is a piece that challenges us to take a break from our hectic lives, look at our work life balance – and sing for our lives!

The arrangement:

Starting with an agitated, hectic style and rhythm this will really challenge your choir. No time. Pressure. Work Stress. And just when you think you can’t take any more… we switch to a laid back blues style. Musically you can imagine the difference that this subject brings.  The lyrics challenge us to take a break from the hectic computer and mobile phone driven life. And what would we do with our time? Well Sing for Our Life of course. It will strike a nerve with many people in the choir – especially the ones that rush in late to practice, after a hectic day!

  • Difficulty level: Difficulty Level 4
  • Perfect for: Mixed voice choirs that want a piece that will challenge

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