Roller Ghoster – Download


An easy to learn song is great for all ages (and can be developed from unison to 2 parts as children move up through the school. Great for Hallowe’en

Finding music home schooling resources during lockdown can be a challenge. As can keeping your class connected and engaged. Here is a great idea from Alan Simmons for a two part singing challenge.

Do Roller Ghoster with your family, a small group of pupils, or with a whole class. Even better, record it and share it! (we have included guidelines of how to do this). It’s a free download for those of us who enjoy singing with choirs or small groups of singers are frustrated at the moment because we can’t get together.

Alan’s teaching notes:

Singing in the bath is fine but we need a bit of satisfying harmony from time to time, so I’m going to teach you a very easy little song (Roller Ghoster) that you can sing with whoever’s at home with you, in 2 parts – or maybe create a zoom video to share with your friends/school. This song is great for movement too. Learn the song first, then work out movements that you can put into it.Listen first of all to the first voice and learn that melody. All the lyrics are on screen. When you’ve cracked that, listen to the second tune. It comes about three quarters of the way through the song, where the split screen starts. These two tunes can then be sung together – easy!Once you’ve mastered the song you can teach the second part to someone else who’s “locked down” with you and, hey presto, you’ve got a two part song! Along with the downloads available with this is a backing track. It’s exactly the same as the backing track on my video so you can turn me off and sing it yourself (or yourselves!)It’s called “Roller Ghoster.” Good luck! There will be a few more 2 or even 3-part songs coming soon.

Creating a video/audio performance

Having something to work towards, just as you would in ‘normal’ circumstances, is a good idea to help give purpose and direction. One way of doing this is to ‘stitch’ together a video or audio recording of your group.The very basic process is:

  1. Each person makes a recording of themselves singing or playing – the key thing here is that each recording is in the same time – a click track or metronome can help do this.
  2. Someone receives all the recordings and then uses music software to mix, blend and balance the recordings into a virtual performance of everyone singing or playing together.

It should be said that these steps require some technical ability, particularly step two which will need some  software (Vegas Movie Studio, GarageBand, Audacity, iMovie, Premiere Pro and Windows Movie Maker are some options to consider) and a level of skill and time.While it is not necessarily simple, it is doable and we know of several groups who have already done it. Read Playing music together, virtually blog for more.The end result can just be a bit of the fun for the groups to share or it could be part of a public offering: Get Creative UK festival and Make Music Day on 21 June are both going digital – have a look at their websites to see how to take part.Here is more information from Making Music on how to get involved!

Roller Ghoster Download contains;

  • Alan’s video
  • Sheet Music PDF
  • Vocal Lines PDF
  • Lyrics PDF
  • Teaching Notes
  • Performace MP3
  • Instrumental MP3.

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Listen to a sound file:

How does The Song Library work?

  1. Add songs to the basket and complete the order process.
  2. You will receive an email to confirm your order with a link to your files.
  3. Download the files and use them within your school.